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Crypto - Security Engineer

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Imagine: You hasty get into a shop at the central station. During checkout you swipe your bank card at the terminal and it beeps "insufficient funds". You quickly grab your phone, log on to our client’s banking app and transfer money from your savings account to your payment account. You immediately swipe your card again. This time the transaction succeeds. All this is made possible using secure techniques, such as cryptography. You help to make this happen. As a crypto engineer you can make the difference by keeping the bank secure.

Making a difference by:

  • Being responsible for the day to day management of Hardware Security Modules (HSM’s), including tooling, network and monitoring;
  • Participating in project activities such as life cycle management of HSM’s and our cryptographic applications;
  • Supporting the Key Management lifecycle for critical applications such as PKI and payment;
  • You will contribute to the further maturing the department in the Agile way-of-Working.

You’re responsible for the second-line support of Keys and Key Management regarding the availability, timeliness and performance of our service. You manage user expectations. You have knowledge of ITIL processes, compliancy requirements, workflow in case of a calamity and Analysis & Monitoring. You participation in the 24/7 standby team schedule.

With Each Other

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Our Crypto team brings talented people together to keep the our client’s banking safe. With you as a engineer the team will consist of 8 colleagues.

Functie eisen

With you :

  • Your technology stack consists of Experience with or knowledge of HSM’s, preferably both payment and general purpose.
  • Experience with or knowledge of several cryptography concepts including but not limited to PKI. Understanding of payment processes or standards are preferred.
  • You are able to support colleague with integration problems programming languages such as Java, .NET, or are willing to learn how to provide support in such cases. In day to day operations, among other operating systems
  • You’ll work with Windows and Unix systems and be using script languages such as Bash, Batch and PowerShell.
  • Customer focus, analytical skills, result driven and cooperation are clearly essential for the role of crypto engineer. In addition, it's important that you recognise everything in the checklist below
  • Proven Security and Risk Awareness (CISSP, CISA or equal certifications);
  • 5+ year working experience in a technical IT function;
  • Experience with Scrum.

Growing a better world together:

You'll already be aware that our client is a financial services provider for 7.1 million customers in 40 countries. But did you know that we aim to contribute to real change with our 'Growing a better world together' mission? We do so in countless ways, such as

A third of all the food we purchase is thrown away. Together with Nature & Environment, we’re working to increase awareness among consumers of how to reduce food waste.

  • As part of a project with Humanitas, we are helping people who are experiencing financial difficulties to get their household finances in order.
  • Together with Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland (the Dutch Council for Refugees), we are helping 1,500 refugees find a suitable job.


Do you want to become the ideal version of yourself? We would love to help you achieve this by focusing firmly on your growth, development, and investing in an environment where you keep learning every day. We give you the space to innovate and initiate. In this way, we offer you numerous opportunities to grow and help you exceed your expectations, to do the right thing exceptionally well, and to therefore grow as a professional.


Our client is a financial service provider for 7.1 million customers in 40 countries, you know already. Our Red Team works for all the locations of our client in all these countries.
Do you also know that we are working together on a better world? We do this in 101 ways like for example our knowledge and experience of Ethical Hacking and Red Teaming sharing with other organizations and "hackers". That belongs to us at ' growing a better world together '


Do you want this too?

Be the best version of yourself? We are happy to help you by focussing your development and investing in an environment in which you continue to learn. We give you the space to innovate and undertake. For example, we offer you plenty of growth opportunities and help you surpass your expectations and do the right things exceptionally well, so that you can grow as a professional.
  • On top of that you can also count on us (based on a 36-hour working week):
  • A thirteenth month and holiday money;
  • An Employee Benefit Budget (10% of your monthly income). How you bet this budget is up to you. Consider buying extra holiday days or an additional deposit in your pension;
  • Relatively high flexibility in working hours and location independent work, depending on the planning in the team;
  • 100% reimbursement of commuting if you travel with ov! Anyway with car or motorbike?

Then choose a commuting fee;

  • A pension scheme that you only contribute 5% to.
Let's get acquainted.
Are you him/her? The new colleague who wants to strengthen our clientas a Red Team Operator and to make the difference for yourself, our customers and society? We would like to receive your application on this vacancy in Utrecht.

Useful to know:

Even if you do not meet the profile of 100%, but you think the role can be perfectly fulfilled, we ask you to apply, we invest in your growth and development.
Responses are handled in accordance with vacancy management.
Felix de Bruin IT Recruiter is happy to answer questions about the application process via mail or applying to the according link.
Screening is part of the application process. We test on the basis of the screening procedures that apply within our client or if new employees are sufficiently reliable to carry out work at our client.
For this vacancy, an individual assessment and a test of your skills can be part of the application process.
Everyone is different, and precisely the differences in people help us to be an even better bank. That's why we are curious about who you.






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