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Our client is looking for an excellent DEV engineer to strengthen the team responsible for the Global Digital Channels of Wholesale Banking.
You will be primarily contributing to the InsideBusiness Connect platform (IBC), a host-to-host file transfer solution for the automated processing of large volumes of payment orders from commercial customers, and the provision of reports back to them.

The focus of IBC is on securing data by using signing and encryption, as well as exchanging data by means of file transfer protocols.
Your work will involve delivering (DEV) and running (OPS) IT solutions in a BizDevOps team.

Your work enviroment: You will work in the dynamic and challenging environment of the IT organization of our client's Global Digital Channels.
We operate according to a Scrum development process and strongly believe in the BizDevOps approach to delivering IT solutions.
The focus is on delivering high-quality, mission-critical software in time using iterative development with regular milestone demos to the business.
Feature delivery is driven by the priorities determined by the Business and Product Owners, working on a day-to-day basis with the IT organization to ensure the delivery of optimal added value.

Tasks, responsibilitiesand opportunities:
- Develop and maintain backend and frontend software, APIs, as well as software that's supplied to customers
- Technical operations of those systems
- Add knowledge of EBICS to our team
- Automate our own work as much as possible
- Customer support on the software that's supplied to customers
- Maintain and improve the build pipelines
- Improve your colleagues and yourself by sharing knowledge
- Host and visit Tech Talks and Tech Lunches
- Meeting the appropriate availability, integrity and confidentiality our stakeholders expect
- Consider the outcome of prioritization processes and related dependencies
- Improve time-to-market
- Add business value
- Freedom of choice in used technologies (after convincing the team...)
- Opportunities for personal development

Functie eisen

- Master of Science in Computer Science or an equivalent field
- You love technology and naturally stay up-to-date on relevant new developments
- You’ve knowledge of and worked with EBICS for several years
- At least 7 years of software engineering experience as full stack developer on Python, JavaScript (including Angular, WebComponents, etc.), Java, Linux, creating highly scalable, mission-critical applications; experience with development of RESTful APIs is preferred
- You can translate the business requirements to IT solutions
- You are able to develop efficient and maintainable code with the right balance between solving the problem at hand and not over-engineering your solution
- Sound knowledge of encryption and PKI
- Experience with automation of the development pipeline
- Good knowledge Linux fundamentals, with the ability to apply it in the context of modern operating systems
- Sound knowledge of communication protocols (e.g. HTTP, SFTP, FTPS, AS2, EBICS)
- Knowledge of Docker and friends
- Knowledge of Ansible
- Knowledge of networking, firewalls, proxies, and VPNs is preferred
- You are proactive, perseverant and value a multi-cultural work environment
- You have the ability to work independently and as a member of the team
- You have very good analytical and problem solving skills
- You are proficient in English


We are ambitious and ask a lot of you. So it is so fair to give you a lot in return. That is why our employment conditions are good to very good! In a number of areas we are distinctive and an example for other organizations.

You get an excellent salary with us and build up a good pension. You can opt for an OV annual card and / or a travel allowance. You may also decide on part of your employment conditions yourself, for example when you pay your vacation allowance, or the 13th month.

In addition to our excellent employment conditions, we are happy to invest in your craftsmanship!

Craftsmanship is what makes and keeps us big. Take the opportunity to continue to develop your skills and innovative strength and to expand your network.

Surprise yourself! Not with how good you are, but with how good you can be. Do it better than everyone thought possible. And continue to develop into an ever better version of yourself.

We invest in your personal leadership and your craftsmanship. We both benefit from that. You become more valuable to us and at the same time you are always prepared for the next step in your career.

We believe diversity is important, and therefore want to create an open and accessible working environment. The reason we do this, because we want you to be able to focus all your energy on your work and development.

Important: Remain yourself, nobody can determine who you are better than you






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