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Introduction: For team Experiment, Measure & Run we are looking for an experienced front-end developer with an interest in development automation, experimentation and measurement. You become part of a team that is responsible for the frontend development experience of the Rabo Online Platform, from development to CI/CD. The team is responsible for handling the frontend infrastructure for all frontend apps and sites within Rabobank. The team develops and maintains a monorepo with all frontend code of the Rabobank, the CI/CD pipelines, unit and integration testing, Wiremock and NodeJs development as well as other relevant tooling for frontend development.

Front-end Developer. (10 FTE)

Locatie: Utrecht.

Duur: asap - 31-07-2022 met optie op verlenging.

Engels: Toegestaan (allowed).

ZZP: Niet toegestaan (not allowed).

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Technical skills

  • Knowledge of CI/CD pipelines, Azure DevOps
  • Knowledge of integration test tooling (SouceLabs)
  • Experience working with a monorepo
  • Experience (need to have) with Angular,, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Node.js (server), PostgreSQL;
  • Experience (nice to have): Split.io, Express.js, SQL

Soft skills

  • Seeing the bigger picture and thinking ahead
  • How will my choice impact my team, other teams and the bank in 6 months, 2 years, longer...?
  • How will my work solve problems for our (external) customers?
  • Excited about experimentation
  • Nothing experimented, nothing gained. You thrive on trying a lot of new things to find the best solution.
  • Experience with A/B-testing and feature flagging
  • Take ownership
  • Pro-active and “can do anything” attitude
  • Critical thinking and willingness to speak up
  • Collaboration skills
  • Pair programming, mobbing, coordinating work, etc.
  • Willingness to help and coach others
  • Within your own team and in the larger development community in Rabobank.
  • To build an engaged (developer) community existing of teams within the organization .
  • Comfortable working in enterprise environment
  • Requires patience and persistence.
  • Means challenging and finding the balance between quality and speed.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • To understand the needs of the internal developer community.
  • To inspire the team and the internal developer community with creative solutions.
  • Comfortable speaking English.

Current tech stack
 Azure DevOps pipelines, Azure DevOps API
 PowerShell
 NRWL NX to manage the monorepo
 Typescript
 Angular as main frontend library
 Jest, WDIO, Prettier, ESLint
 Wiremock


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