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Security Dev Ops Engineer

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The SecDevOps is the central point of contact for the various (internal) parties who wish to deploy their software to a publicly consumable environment, while still having proper security incorporated. Our expectations are that a SecDevOps is able to work collaboratively with the team and stakeholders, to ensure that products and services are deployed, maintained and supported in a secure and agile way. That person is able to withstand stress when dealing with incidents and has the skillset to troubleshoot, report and fix the issue. It helps to have significant dev and (cloud) deployment skills and the more and broader, the better.

Functie eisen

Must have:

  • Experience (deep level) of at least one programming language (java, python, c# etc.)
  • Experience Cloud deployment (AWS, Google, Azure, Docker, Chef etc.)
  • Experience with IT Security (PKI, practical cryptography, OWASP etc.)
  • Experience (deep level) of chain/pipeline integration (application build/release, deployment, integration with other apps)
  • Experience with APIs (RESTful, SOAP, JSON, XML etc.)
  • Experience with hardware and software maintenance skills (troubleshoot hardware, 3rd party software configurations etc.)
  • Ethical hacking skills

Nice to have:

  • How to work secure and accountable
  • Full stack knowledge (XAMPP/LAMPP/WAMPP etc.)
  • CI/CD automation skills (Jenkins, Azure pipelines etc.)
  • Agile skills (scrum, Kanban, SAFe etc.)
  • Cryptographic algorithms, keys strengths
  • (v)HSM experience

Personal skills:

  • Good communication skills in English
  • Team player
  • Stress resistant
  • Secure
  • Analytical


Our client is a financial service provider for 7.1 million customers in 40 countries, you know already. Our Red Team works for all the locations of our client in all these countries.
Do you also know that we are working together on a better world? We do this in 101 ways like for example our knowledge and experience of Ethical Hacking and Red Teaming sharing with other organizations and "hackers". That belongs to us at ' growing a better world together '





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