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DevOps Engineer - Utrecht

We are seeking a skilled DevOps Engineer with expertise in Azure to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in software development, automation, and cloud infrastructure...
Gepubliceerd: 2 dagen geleden
Referentie nr:#TRBR07504

Product Owner - Utrecht

Als Product Owner van een team wat dashboard oplossingen levert voor de business van FEC, ben je een drijvende kracht achter het regelen van uitvoering van de wensen van de business binnen het...
Gepubliceerd: 3 dagen geleden
Referentie nr:#TRR07436

Risk Shield Developer - Utrecht

As a Sr Risk Shield Developer your job is to ensure that the IT systems and models are being build and tested in line with the IT and model risk standards and procedures. Ensuring that the design...
Gepubliceerd: 26-02-2024
Referentie nr:#TRBR07242

Calypso DevOps Engineer - Utrecht

We are looking for an experienced Calypso DevOps Engineer with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the financial institutions, a consultancy or in a financial software company.
Gepubliceerd: 26-02-2024
Referentie nr:#TRBR07233

Crypto Consultant - Utrecht

As (Senior) Crypto Consultant for our client's Tech4Dev, you have an opportunity to design the technology that provides the digital experience of 7 million customers through our channels and...
Gepubliceerd: 19-02-2024
Referentie nr:#TRBR06922

Azure Security Lead - Utrecht

You will be responsible for designing, implementing, and managing comprehensive security strategies, frameworks, and protocols to safeguard digital assets and ensure regulatory compliance.
Gepubliceerd: 14-02-2024
Referentie nr:#TRR06726

Azure Data Security Expert - Utrecht

As an Azure Data Security Expert, you will be responsible for safeguarding sensitive data stored, processed, and transmitted within the Azure cloud environment.
Gepubliceerd: 14-02-2024
Referentie nr:#TRR06728

Microsoft Defender Engineer - Utrecht

As a Microsoft Defender Engineer, you will play a vital role in ensuring the security and protection of an organization's digital assets by leveraging Microsoft Defender solutions.
Gepubliceerd: 31-01-2024
Referentie nr:#TRR06078

SQL DevOps Analyst - Utrecht

SQL DevOps analyst; translate business/EBA requests into data logic, and the other way around, translate SQL logic found in complex databases back into business language.
Gepubliceerd: 17-01-2024
Referentie nr:#TRBR05340
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